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Our Tomato Sauce

We think simple is best, so we just take great Italian plum tomatoes and add some herbs and salt. No stewing, no added sugar, just tangy tomato tastiness.

Fior di Latte Mozzarella

This Mozzarella is made from cow’s milk. It’s milky, sweet and stretchy – just what you want for a pizza! We use British Mozzarella to keep the food miles down. Fresh is best!

Fidget Sausage

An homage to the famous Shropshire fidget pie, this cracking sausage from Wenlock Edge Farm is made with bacon, apple, onion and sage. Great in a pie also great ON a pie.


Often known as ‘poor man’s parmesan’, this is a crunchy savoury crumb made of toasted bread (its name means ‘grated bread’). We toast ours with a pinch of garlic, chilli and rosemary, along with lots of good olive oil. A perfect vegan alternative to parmesan, but not only for vegans.

Wenlock Edge Farm

Based in Shropshire, these lovely people make all of our charcuterie. We think they’re amazing, and not just because they occasionally give us scotch eggs. You can catch them at Harborne and Moseley Farmer’s Markets where you can pick up some of their multiple award-winning cured meats.


We cook our ham here in house at Otto using a top-secret blend of herbs and spices that we’ll take to our graves. Ok, there’s garlic in there. And Bay. And Rosemary. And Juniper. And Parsley. Salt and Pepper. But we’re sworn to secrecy so don’t ask. Have some on a pizza though, it’s lovely.


Spianata Piccante

This cured sausage is deep red and spicy with Calabrian chillies, like a cross between salami and nduja. When it’s made, it’s pressed between two wooden boards to flatten it, giving it its characteristic shape.


Spring Pesto

We’ve tweaked a classic basil pesto for the spring and summer season with lovely green peas, spinach, wild garlic, toasted sunflower seeds and lots of lemon


Ogleshield Cheese

Described as ‘the Westcountry’s answer to Raclette’, this cheese is made using the beautifully rich milk from the Montgomery’s herd of Jersey cows. It’s washed with a special brine every three days to achieve a slightly pungent moist rind which softens the cheese and gives it an extra depth of flavour, on top of the beautiful complexity you’d expect from a raw milk cheese.

Berry’s Ice Cream

Our delicious ice creams are made in Worcestershire by Frank and Fenella. They’re hand-made and hand-poured cream-only ice cream using only natural ingredients with the juiciest, locally grown fruits. Their vegan ice creams and sorbets are so, so good.